Yeshiva of Greater Washington–Tiferes Gedaliah

A brief History

The year was 1963. Rabbi Gedaliah Anemer, zt”l, then a young rabbi in Riggs Park, was worried. Although an elementary school, the Hebrew Academy, had opened, once the children graduated there was no place for them to continue their Jewish education. Walking down Riggs Road, the rabbi had a brainstorm. He would open a high school – one of the first of its kind in the United States – that would combine a full and rigorous secular studies program with an outstanding daily Judaic studies program. And that’s exactly what happened! With strong backing from a cadre of scientists and professionals (Dr. Lee Spetner, a leading physicist at Johns Hopkins University, was the founding president), Rabbi Anemer, zt”l, established a school where our children could flourish with a strong dual-track education – an idea that has endured to this very day.

Since its inception in 1964, the Yeshiva of Greater Washington has been instrumental in the rapid development of Jewish education in the Greater Washington community. What was once considered unusual or unnecessary is now recognized as a vital part in the development of one’s Jewish identity. YGW’s educational philosophy has always stressed commitment to study, character development, personal spiritual growth, and community involvement. Students are taught respect and tolerance for parents, teachers, and fellow human beings.

YGW consists of divisions for boys and girls in grades seven through 12. Since 1995 the Yeshiva Gedolah has offered college-level religious education to some 400 young men. In 1998, the Maryland Higher Education Committee authorized YGW to award degrees in Talmudic Law and the school received federal accreditation in 1999. We are one of two such institutions in the state, with the next accredited such school located in Florida. Our graduates occupy prominent positions in varied religious and secular fields and are active leaders of their communities.

The schools are located on two campuses in Silver Spring, MD. The Yeshiva receives its financial support through tuition, annual subvention by the United Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, and the generosity of the community. Faced with constantly rising costs, YGW is especially grateful to its many supporters who express their solidarity with our mission by their continued financial support.

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